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Turkish Translators

We are a small team of Turkish language translators consisting of three native speaking, full-time freelancers working in close cooperation. Our Turkish translation team members:

We offer competitive advantages through direct contact, effective communication, hence shorter response time and faster turnover, personal service, and lesser costs. All translations are done by the team members whose details are included here. We do not subcontract translation projects to third parties. And if we start receiving more translation requests than our combined workload, we invite additional native speaking Turkish language translators that meet our minimum qualifications including, but not limited to those stated above. This helps us to expand our capacity, and yet maintain our established quality standards.

Please visit the profile pages of individual team members for background details. You will find as much information as you require about each team member. If not convinced, please write us so that we can supply you some testimonials from our repeat outsourcers.

Please click here to get a free and non-obligatory quote now, or read more about each of the team members:

 Translation Team Members


Selçuk Budak

in brief

A self-employed, full-time, native Turkish language translator living in Ankara.  With two decades of experience, he translates in a wide range of fields including business & finance, corporate law, medicine (including psychiatry and psychology), industry, engineering & software, etc. He translated numerous books, compiled/edited a voluminous English-Turkish Dictionary of Psychology. He is currently compiling/editing an English-Turkish Dictionary of Finance and related terms. He also offers localization and basic search engine optimization services for websites both in English and Turkish. He is a productive translator with many regular clients mainly from USA and UK.   +20 years of experience. Translated 27 books & millions of  words since 1984. Click to read more

Özden Arıkan

in brief

Who says "tradutore, traditore?" She is "beautiful and loyal, both" as she describes herself. An apt translator, a good moderator. Very sensitive to cultural nuances. Our marketing wizard!  +20 years of experience. Translated 40 books and millions of words. Click to read more

Balaban Cerit

in brief

Native Turkish speaker living in Istanbul. A meticulous translator serving clients worldwide, paying attention to subtle cultural differences. He has 10 years of full-time work experience as a translator since 1985.  In the interim periods during which he did not translate actively, he worked in various full-time management jobs in the field of content creation and presentation. By virtue of his experience in a variety of areas, he is now able to offer various value-added services to meet the special requirements of content translation, creation and management on Internet portals and all other electronic platforms. He is an expert in consumer electronics in particular, electronics and telecommunications in general. He also has substantial experience in IT, networks and e-commerce translations. And he has successfully undertaken big projects related to aerospace and astronomy as well as government and politics. +10 years of experience. Translated 10 books and millions of words. Click to read more

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