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cost estimator

Our simple to use cost estimator enables you to estimate the cost of your Turkish translation / localization projects easily.

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Repeats Count: How should we analyze and how much should we charge for repeat counts? Click above to read.

Universal Unit Converter

A great tool for all localization projects. It almost converts anything. This sophisticated converter meets all practical, scientific and engineering calculation requirements with 14-digits precision!

Usage Notes

To select the class of conversion, press the top row of buttons. Then type in a value and select a unit to convert from the left-hand frame.

Double clicking the units in the left-hand frame converts default value (1).

Results: You will note that scientific notation is used to display the results.

For example, 2.67E+05 = 2.67 x 10 to the power 5 = 267,000

Or 2.67E-05 = 2.67 x (1/(10 to the power 5)) = 2.67/(1/(10 to the power 5)) or simply 2.67/100,000


This tool requires Java. Please enable your browser's java and try again


what is new

We are redesigning Turktrans. As more pages are updated and uploaded, our site will gain full functionality within days ahead. Meanwhile, please feel free to contact us for any queries you may have.  






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