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Handy Tools

We included some handy tools that can be helpful for anyone seeking online help in, for example, localizing measurement units (converting to or from metric system), calculating local or foreign currency equivalents, or doing simple arithmetic.

 Feel free to use while they last!

 Unit Converter

A great tool for localization projects. Length, area, volume, mass, weight, force, energy, pressure, temperature, velocity and time unit converter. Simple and easy to use, and has a 14-digits precision! It converts almost anything. Requires JavaScript.

 Cost Estimator

You can use this simple cost estimator to estimate the approximate cost of your Turkish translation or localization project by using different scenarios. Please note that the figures given as default are not meant to be a quotation. They are given only for illustration. Requires JavaScript.

 Currency Converter

Please be forewarned that actual rates may vary. It is provided here for information only. Please check with your local bank before committing a transaction.


A simple, yet versatile calculator. It has many scientific functions besides simple operations. Requires JavaScript

 Turkey Time

An analog clock displaying your local time and Turkish time. In fact, there are two analog clocks. The left hand one displays your local time, while the right hand one displays Turkey time (GMT + 2). This simple utility will enable you to assess quickly if an immediate response by turktrans team is possible. Requires JavaScript.


what is new

We are redesigning Turktrans. As more pages are updated and uploaded, our site will gain full functionality within days ahead. Meanwhile, please feel free to contact us for any queries you may have.  






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