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Terms and Conditions

Currently, we are working on our general terms and conditions. Meanwhile, a disclaimer of warranty is provided for as follows.

Disclaimer of Warranty

We take the greatest care to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and integrity of works undertaken. Nevertheless, and unless explicitly provided for in writing in a contract by and between the Outsourcer and Turktrans, or any of its members, the Turktran's or its respective member's liability for errors and omissions in any services including translation, localization and desktop publishing projects is restricted to correcting the work performed at free of charge. Our liability shall in no case exceed the value of the work performed. We hereby disclaim any and all liability for indirect, incidental, or consequential damages. Nevertheless the greatest care is undertaken to ensure the accuracy of our translations.

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We are redesigning Turktrans. As more pages are updated and uploaded, our site will gain full functionality within days ahead. Meanwhile, please feel free to contact us for any queries you may have.  




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