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Turkish Language Translation Services

Do you search for a quality English Turkish translator one project after another, only to start the process afresh, and incur additional costs for every new project? 

  • Finding a language service provider is a cost item: Posting ads, collecting, processing, & evaluating bids and CVs, administering, verifying & analyzing test translations, etc. All take time and money.

  • Contracting a different language service provider for each project is a risk and cost item: Quality Assurance is an essential part of your business and you need to have the translated material revised, edited and/or proofread by a second language professional, especially in case of new recruits to ensure that the translation meets your quality requirements. A poor translation failing to meet such requirements can harm or even ruin your reputation.

Are you in search of an experienced, quality native English Turkish translator on whom you can count for your regular assignments with the assurance that s/he will be available if and when you need? Dou you require from your English Turkish translator an approach towards translation with localization in view? If you luckily have one, you will:

Now, you are here, and probably have found one!

Turktrans team members offer:

  • Premium quality English to Turkish translation and Turkish to English translation

  • Personal service. You will directly interact and cooperate with the translator who handles your project. That is why we call ourselves as team of freelance translators, and not an agency!

  • Fast turnaround

  • Stability & consistency over projects

  • All support services from scanning and OCR to DTP

  • All at affordable costs.

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