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Snippets: Some Food for Thought

This page includes  links to some internal pages covering tips, practical considerations, and sometimes elaborations on specific aspects of Turkish translation and language in particular, and translation business in general. 

We might call them "tips" or "frequently asked questions." But they are more than that. We call them "snippets," since they fall short of a full article. Besides, there is a current trend in online business to equate advertising texts with articles. A short paragraph scattered around some advertising slogans, banner ads, etc. are called "articles." 

These pages are not meant to be scientific treatises on the art of translation or on Turkish language. Nor they address to the veteran translator for whom anything expressed in them are self-evident. Rather, we wrote / will write them as a food for thought requiring further elaboration for those young colleagues or outsourcers who are somehow new in this business. Therefore, they may lack the formal structure of an "article." Any topic with an active link means that it is already online.

CAT Analysis. Repeats Count: How should we analyze and how much should we charge for repeat counts?


what is new

We are redesigning Turktrans. As more pages are updated and uploaded, our site will gain full functionality within days ahead. Meanwhile, please feel free to contact us for any queries you may have.  






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