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English to Turkish Translation

 We are a group of full-time freelance Turkish language translators offering premium quality English to Turkish and Turkish to English translation services. All our team members are native Turkish speakers, and have at least 10 years of active translation experience in a wide range of fields from medicine to business, from information technology to social sciences. We have a proven record of success as evidenced by testimonials from our valuable clients. 

We work for many internationally distinguished translation agencies on a regular basis. Nevertheless, we offer services directly to institutional and individual clients as well. Whether an individual with occasional Turkish translation requirements such as a letter to or from a Turkish friend, or a company requiring frequent translations and updates on a regular basis like newsletters, or web pages, you will discover some good reasons why turktrans is the answer to your needs for reliable, accurate, consistent and cost-effective Turkish translations and related services.

In fact, direct clients can enjoy  our English to Turkish translation services at more competitive prices.

Please visit our Turkish translators page for details of individual translators.

What is New at Turktrans 

Currently, besides updating the online English - Turkish Idioms Dictionary, I am working hard on a general translation dictionary project. Right now, I am beta-testing the dictionary code. The first beta version of my English Turkish Translation Dictionary will be launched towards the end of May. It is a brand new dictionary based on translation of entries with matching senses. It will include synonym sets, hence a thesaurus for both English and Turkish languages, antonyms, similar words, and usage examples in both languages. I am sure that visitors will like it.

Also, the process of  transforming turktrans into a general resource for Turkish translation  in particular, and Turkish language services in general is continuing.  When completed, visitors will find on these pages almost everything related to Turkish language.  

Meanwhile, you can still contact me or any of my colleagues featured here for your freelance Turkish Language translation requirements via individual contact pages or our quotation form.

Cooperation Opportunities with Turktrans:

Translation Agencies and Freelance Translators:

Agencies offering translation, localization, interpretation, and other support services for Turkish language can contact us to inquire about cooperation opportunities with Turktrans. Within the coming months, we will redesign Turktrans to allow a limited number of such agencies to promote their services. Also, inquiries from freelance Turkish translators are welcome.

Turkish to English Translation

A great deal of our translation projects consist of translations from Turkish to English. We offer satisfactory, near-native level Turkish to English translations that can be considered as a best-value service especially for first draft translations, since our translations require little editing. But we do not stop there. We cooperate with native-speaking English translators for editing/proofreading, and hence we are able to arrange native level proofreading if specifically required by our clients. 

Quality and QA in Translation Process

All translators of our team are native Turkish speakers  with a minimum experience of +10 years whose services are sought for by top-notched translating companies for subcontracting translation jobs. For example, the 3 core team members have translated more than 75 books, and countless number of source words thus far. With our diverse experiences extending over two decades, we are able to offer accurate translation in a variety of fields.  

We are online most of the time +10 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. We are sophisticated in online research, are good at using internet tools, and finding answers to our questions. Every translation assignment is a new challenge for us, and we do comprehensive online research both before and during the actual translation process to ensure accuracy in terminology. We cross-check every single new term that we are not sure of its meaning or of its translation into the target language through monolingual as well as bilingual dictionaries and glossaries, and we validate such terms against online reference documents. And, as the last resort, we do consult our clients for clarification of such terms. We perform in-depth researches to ensure that the most recent terms widely  adopted among the experts of a certain field are used.

After translation, we carefully proofread our translation, or have it proofread by another team member, or by other Turkish language professionals if it is specifically required by the outsourcer that an independent language service provider should proofread the translation. 

Meeting the deadlines

Meeting an agreed-upon deadline is among our primary concerns, and we work overtime to meet it if and when required without compromising quality. We do not subcontract third parties, divide documents into smaller parts and assign each part to a different translator to the expense of consistency and accuracy. We take critical factors into account, and always underestimate our capacity when proposing a deadline.

Intra- and Inter-Project Consistency

We build glossaries specific to the translation project at hand to ensure terminological consistency from first to the last line of the project, and from one project to another. We use CAT tools on a regular basis that helps us to maintain a fairly high level of consistency across projects both in terms of style and field-specific jargon. This is very important especially if you need frequent updates, for example, in product manuals, etc.

We act as your long-term personal translator. This means that your translation projects are always handled by the same translator. And this ensures a high consistency in style and terminology within a single project as well as across a series of projects with a similar theme. You will get the same quality level, the same accuracy, and the same fluency with the original, one project after another.


We are well aware that we can learn much from our mistakes, and we value feedback from our clients, be it positive or negative. All kinds of feedbacks from our clients are therefore welcome. In some cases, we ask for feedback after a reasonable lapse of time in the form of a testimonial. 

Best-Value Service

We offer all the advantages of cooperating with an established agency plus more including: 

Pay only for the actual services you get! 

Try our Turkish translation services now and get the best-value service for your money!

what is new

I just added a comprehensive, searchable English Turkish Dictionary of Idioms. This is an open project making it possible for the visitors to contribute to the translation of a preloaded English idioms index. 




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